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Persian Catwalk

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Persian Cat Walk

Persian Catwalk

(Kat Walk Irani)

by Marjan Alizadeh



Persian Cat Walk

Director: Marjan Alizadeh

Cinematographer: Bayram Fazli, Asghar Karim Pur, Ruholah Zarif, Reza Abayat

Editing: M. Alizadeh, Carolin Emery

Production  Life Media International
39 Zavare st, 8th st,
Seyed Khandan
Téhran Iran
Tel / Fax:
GSM: 98.932.905.96.87

Year: 2008

DV CAM, Colour, 60 min, 
OV Farsi with French Subtitles

French Premiere

Mahdis, a 20 year-old Iranian young woman wishes to become a model. Therefore, she is in conflict with Iranian society and her family. Her father is an Iranian religious man who is against Mahdis because of his believes and the limitations of society, but her mother tries to accept. We share the story of Mahdis as a model and her problems in fulfilling her wishes. In addition to her difficulties, we also discover the history and situation of fashion in Iran.


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