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by Chris Martinez




Director: Chris Martinez

Script: Chris Martinez

Cinematographer: Larry Manda

Editing: Ike Veneracion

Sound: Mac Vazquez

Music: Brian Cua, Ricci Chan

Cast: Mylène Dizon, Eugène Domingo, Tessie Tomas

Tel: 91.7.813.9464

Year: 2008

HD CAM, Colour, 117 min, 
OV Tagalog with English Subtitles
French Electronic Subtitles

European Premiere

If you have 100 things to do before you die, what would they be? Joyce, a single yuppie who works for an accounting firm, lives alone in a well-appointed apartment with her cat. At her prime, Joyce id diagnosed with cancer. She has less than a month to live. She resigns from work and takes home a bunch of Post-It's. At home, she starts to write and sticks on a blank wall the 100 Post-Its to serve as reminder of 100 "things to do" before she dies. The task vary from practical to whimsical, from mundane to profound, from "things-she-will-missdoing" to "things-she-wishes-she has-done". They are simple tasks and hard tasks. Not wanting to be pitied and be treated differently, she accomplishes her list all by herself. Her character unfolds - a rigid, uncompromising and "by-the-numbers" woman. Unresolved questions in her life are confronted: her solitude, her decision to keep her condition to herself, her regrets and views about death.


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