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The Mirage

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Le Mirage

The Mirage


by Zhou Hongbo



Le Mirage

Director: Zhou Hongbo

Script: Zhou Hongbo, Chen Ying

Cinematographer: Nie Yunxing, Zhao Liwei

Sound: Ding Bin

Cast: Zhang Jing, Chen Ying, Zhang Han, Wu Ai-guo

Lin Tao
2000 Dongfang Rd, Pudong,
Shanghai, China

Zhou Hongbo
Tel: 0082.26.5415.3829

Year: 2008

HDCAM, Colour, 90 min, 
OV Mandarin with English Subtitles
French Electronic Subtitles

French Premiere

How to forget pain is the question troubling Chen Shi, who lives in seclusion on top of a mountain. Chen's wife had sex with her brother in law and committed suicide in shame one year ago. Her death brought Chen and others unavoidable pains. That is why Chen escaped the city and came to a remote moun tainous region. Chen, his sister in law and brother in law bump into each other on the top of the mountain. The three of them have to recall the past, and the wounds that they thought had healed start to open up again. They try to understand and forgive each other, but hurt themselves in their desperation.

What is the truth of life? This film is trying to explore an internal world that not everyone may want to face


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