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by Ann Chakraverty

Vietnam, France



Director: Ann Chakraverty

Author: Ann Chakraverty

Production: Les Films d'ici, RTBF, Paris Première, Saga Films

Les Films d’Ici
62 Boulevard Davout
75020 Paris
Tel / Fax: 0033

Year: 2002

Beta SP, Colour, 52 min, 
OV Vietnamese with French Subtitles

For a long time at the heart of colonial conflict and the cold war, Hanoi now moves to the tune of its motorbike horns, its temples and pagodas, its overpopulation and controlled modernity. Beyond the tumult and constant swarming, the film depicts the capital of reunited Vietnam with its red flag with yellow crescent proudly flying on top of poles more or less all over the place.


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