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Le Corbusier in India

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Le Corbusier en Inde

Le Corbusier in India

by Manu Rewal



Le Corbusier en Inde

Director: Manu Rewal

Cinematographer : Manu Rewal, Pradeep Kamar

Editing: Bani Khoshnoudi, Manu Rewal

Sound: Asheesh Pandya

Production: Play Films, Duniya Vision

Year: 2000

Beta SP, Colour, 52 min


The construction of the new city of Chandigarh was meant to symbolise India's democratic and laic choice. The film relates this decisive architectural experience through interviews of his contemporaries, critics and users.

Le Corbusier in India took more than three years work, without any financial support. It was granted the Architecture Film award in 2001 at UNESCO festival on art and education and the Jury award at Muestra Internacional de Patrimonio Arquitectónico in 2001.


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