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Angel on the Right

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L'ange de l'épaule droite

Angel on the Right

(Fararishtay kifti rost)

by Jamshed Usmonov



L'ange de l'épaule droite

Director: Jamshed Usmonov

Screenplay: Jamshed Usmonov

Cineamtographer: Pascal Lagriffoul

Editing: Jacques Comets

Sound: Waldir Xavier

Art Director: M. Farosatshoev

Cast: U. Miyasarova, Maruf Puludzoda, Kova Tilavpur, M. Qulbobo, M. Maqsumova, H. Rakhmonov

Production: Fabrica Cinema, Ventura Film, ARTCAM International, Asht Village

Haut et Court
38 rue des martyrs
75 009 Paris
Tel: 0033
Fax: 0033

Year: 2002

35 mm, Colour, 88 min, 
OV Tajik with French Subtitles

Un Certain Regard - Cannes Film Festival 2002

After ten years, Hamro, a small criminal, comes back to his native village Asht to watch over old Halima, his dying mother. In fact, Halima is quite alive. She thought of this cunning way to make Hamro, who owns money to the whole village, come back and pay off his debts. Threatened, in dire straits, only a miracle could save him. Her mother speaks little but always listens; she wants to help her only son. He rejects her support, preferring to take refuge in alcohol and shuts himself in. The sheer presence of his own son, born from a brief union and whom he did not know, will transform Hamro. Can the angel, the legendary one giving the film its title, the one sitting on the right shoulder, finally record his good deeds?

"I wanted to pay a tribute to this disappearing world made of naïve people who are able to believe in miracles, and once more question the relationships between good and evil, as the ambiguous end of the film shows." J. Usmonov


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