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The Clay Bird

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L'Oiseau d'argile

The Clay Bird

(Matir moina)

by Tareque Masud



L'Oiseau d'argile

Director: Tareque Masud

Script: Tareque Masud, Catherine Masud

Cinematographer: Sudheer Palsane

Editing: Catherine Masud

Sound: Idrajit Neogi

Art Director: Kazi Rakib, Sylvain Namias

Music: M. Bhowmik

Cast: Nurul Islam Babu, Russel Farazi, J.Chattopadhyay, Rokeya Prachy

Catherine Masud
B-2 Siza Court
152 Monipuri Para
Dhaka-1215 Bangladesh
Tel / Fax : 00880.2.812.4225

55 rue Traversière
75012 Paris
Tel: 0033
Fax: 0033

Year: 2002

35 mm, Colour, 94 min, 
OV Bengali with French Subtitles

Directors' Fortnight - Cannes Film Festival 2002

In the context of the political tensions of the late 60ies, Anu, a shy boy from East Pakistan, is sent to a madrassa by his father, an orthodox Muslim. Far from his family and the hearty Hindu festivals of his area, Anu struggles to adapt to a tough monastic life. In his village, a deep incomprehension separates his parents, just like in the madrassa a growing opposition takes place between moderates and fundamentalists. The conflicts intensify; the political upheaval leads the country to civil war…

"I wanted to explore the relationship between people who evolve and those who remain prisoners of their beliefs…unable to adapt to the changing world…The problem starts when we try to maintain a system of belief as the only solution to various aspects of life…In fact, if there is a message within the film, it is to fight against all radical mes sages or opinions."

Events and characters have largely been inspired by the director's own childhood. When religion rhymes with proscription...


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