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(Ren sheng)

by Wu Tianming




Director: Wu Tianming

Script: Lu Yao

Cinematographer : Chen Wancai, Yang Baoshi

Editing: Wang Yuzhang

Artistic Director: Lu Guangcai

Sound: Chen Yudan

Music: Xu Youfou

Cast: Zhou Lijing, Wu Yufang, Gao Baocheng

Production: Xi’an Films Studio

Year: 1984

35 mm, Colour, 127 min, 
OV Mandarin with English Subtitles
French Electronic Subtitles


After graduating from senior school, Gao Jialin returns to his hometown and plans to become a local teacher. However, his position is substituted by the son of the production manager. Therefore, he becomes a penniless farmer and has a heavy mental stroke. During this period of frustration Qiaozhen, a naive and beautiful country girl, falls in love with him and her love pulls him out of depression. Soon after, his uncle is transferred and becomes the director of the local labor bureau. This is a lucky change and he is transferred to town, which allows him to show his talent. During this time, Gao Jialin's classmate Huang Yaping, a beautiful girl grown up in the city, falls in love with him. Gao Jialin inexorably abandons country girl Qiaozhen, who loves him deeply, for the sake of Huang Yaping. Beyond everyone's expectation, life plays tricks on him again...


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