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The Ballad of Narayama

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The Balad of Narayama
(Narayama bushikô)

by Imamura Shohei




Director: Imamura Shohei

Script: Imamura Shohei after Fukazawa Shichiro's novels

Cinematographer: Toshisawa Masao

Editing: Okayasu Hajime

Sound: Benitani Kenichi

Music: Ikebe Shinishiro

Cast: Ken Ogata, Sakamoto Sumiko, Hidari Tompeei, Takejo Aki

Production: Imamura Productions, Toei

La Rabia
19 rue de Liège
75 009 Paris
Phone: 00331 45 26 63 45

Year: 1983

Screening: 2019, 2007

35 mm, Colour, 128 min, 
OV Japanese with French Subtitles

Part of Japonism 2018

We are in a very poor village in the Shinshu mountains, in central Japan. According to the tradition, old people reaching the age of 70 have to climb the “oak mountains” (Narayama) and die at the top of it. Orin is 69 and lives with her son Tatsuhei. She is not afraid of going to Narayama. The villagers make fun of her because she still has all her teeth. One day, a Tama-yan woman comes from a neighbour village, ready to marry her son. Orin breaks two of her teeth to prove she is ready to climb the mountain.


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