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Youth of a Genius

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La Jeunesse d'un génie

Youth of a genius

(Younost guenia)

by Elier Ichmoukhamedov



La Jeunesse d'un génie

Director: Elier Ichmoukhamedov

Script: Odelcha Aguichev

Cinematographer: Tatiana Loguinova

Sound: E. Chacki

Art Director: E. Kalantarov

Music: Edouard Artemiev

Cast: Bakhtiar Zakirov, Fourkat Faiziev, A. Moukhamedzhanov, Rano Koubaieva, B. Zakirov, V. Tomkous, V. Tchaidze

Production: Ouzbekfilm

Arkéion Films
12, rue de Chartres
92200 Neuilly-sur-Seine
Tel: 0033
Fax: 0033

Year: 1982

35 mm, B & W, 85 mn
OV Uzbek with Fench Subtitles


In year 337 of the Hegira (999), child Avicenne performs an autopsy on a corpse to find out about the disease which will soon cause his mother's death. His father is appointed Emir of Bukhara, an important Muslim city at the turn of the tenth century renowned for its cultural influence and its trade. The young boy is easily receptive to the most intricate Aristotelian concepts, astronomical experiments, auscultation, acupuncture...Within a few years, Avicenne becomes Cheik U-rais, "The Master of Scholars".

This historical film depicts the years of education and training of Persian philosopher and physicisan Avicenne (980 - 1037).


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