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by Ali Khamraev




Director: Ali Khamraev

Script: R. Khousnoutdinova

Cinematographer: Youri Klimenko

Editing: V. Oleynik, R. Vartanian

Sound: G. Sentchilo

Art Director: C. Abdoussalamov

Music: R. Vildanov

Cast: D. Kambalova, G. Tachbaeva, Z. Abdourakhmanova, K. Latypov, C. Abdoussalamov, A. Alimova

Production: Ouzbekfilm

Arkéion Films
12, rue de Chartres
92200 Neuilly-sur-Seine
Tel: 0033
Fax: 0033

Year: 1979

35 mm, B & W, 75 min
OV Uzbek with French Subtitles


Children have gathered to cheer old Aspar Ramazanovitch leaving for retirement. The former school teacher of Mevazer-Kishlak, a mountain village, remembers how he met, helped and loved three women just after the second world war. He recalls their faces and their entangled destinies. Khalima whose husband disappeared, is left alone with her two children. Advised by Sanobar, the head of the Kolkhoze, she goes to the city and works in a manufacture of folk art objects.

The film portrays the transformations of the daily life and the social situation of Uzbek women just after the Second World War.


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