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by Elier Ichmoukhamedov




Director: Elier Ichmoukhamedov

Script: Odelcha Aguichev

Cinematographer: Dilchat Fatkhouline

Editing: R. Khamraieva, M. Timofeieva

Sound: A. Koudriachov

Art Director: Mikhail Tchotchiev

Music: Bogdan Trotsiouk

Cast: Maria Sternikova, Rodion Nakhapetov, R. Agzamov, M. Makhmoudova, S. Borodina, Taliat Rakhimov, Choukhrat Irgachev

Production: Ouzbekfilm

Arkéion Films
12, rue de Chartres
92200 Neuilly-sur-Seine
Tel: 0033
Fax: 0033

Year: 1967

35 mm, B & W, 76 min
OV with French Subtitles


Awarded at Locarno Film Festival in 1966

Sanjar is an adolescent living in Tashkent and like many boys, he goes down the canal across the city on a big inner tube. He spots a beautiful girl with big eyes and blond hair and stops on the riverbank. It's love at first sight.

Based on three short stories with common characters, Tenderness focuses on the very significant moment of adolescence. In these three stories told with a free non linear narration, obviously influenced by the Italian neo realism and the French New Wave, these young adults are bound to make choices for their lives, small or big ones, ranging from anecdotal love to heroic deed.


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