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Taipei Story

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Histoire de Taipei

Taipei Story

(Qingmei zhuma)

by Edward Yang



Histoire de Taipei

Director: Edward Yang

Script: Edward Yang, Chu Tien-wen, Hou Hsiao-hsien

Cinematographer: Yang Weihan

Editing: Wang Jiyang, Song Fanzhen

Sound: Tu Duu-chih

Cast: Hou Hsiao-hsien, Tsai Chin, Wu Nien-jen, Lin Hsiu-ling

Production: Tang I-Hwa, Gin Hwa Production

Year: 1985

35 mm, Colour, 110 min
OV Mandarin with French subtitles


with kind support of Taipei's representative office in Paris

Chin has become the personal assistant of a business woman. This promotion pushes her to leave her parents' home and get her own flat. Lon is an old friend who has not done much in his life. He is inclined to live secluded in past, hanging to his adolescent passion for baseball. Chin has to resign after her company is bought by a large financial group. She realises how difficult it is to communicate with Lon. Lon is in touch with a childhood friend whose wedding has fallen off. Days and weeks slip by in Taipei, a city of important social and economical changes. The tensed relationship between Chin and Lon breaks out.

Hou Hsiao-hsien is one of the scriptwriters of this film by great Taiwanese director Edward Yang. He is also one of the main actors in the film.


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