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The Shepherd

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Le gardien

The Shepherd


by Yusup Razykov



Le gardien

Director: Yusup Razykov

Scripte: Yusup Razykov, Erkin Agzamov

Cinematographer: Hotam Fayziyev

Music: D. Izamov

Cast: Elnur Abraev, Lola Eltoyev

Production: Uzbekfilm
Film Studio Republic of Uzbekistan
Chilinzarskaya Str
Building 1
Tashkent City
Tel / Fax : 120.69.72

Year: 2005

35 mm, Colour, 77 min
OV Uzbek with French Subtitles

French Premiere

Djamchid's elder brother leaves for abroad in order to earn his life. According to the tradition, his young wife cannot remain without male surveillance. Thirteen-year-old Djamchid is appointed for this role. He does it reluctantly as his new responsibility deprives him of adolescent joys and games. One day coming back from the market, the young woman is missing…


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