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(Be Omid E Didar)

by Mohammad Rasoulof



Au revoir

Director: Mohammad Rasoulof

Script.: Mohammad Rasoulof

Cinema.: : Arastoo Giv

Edit.: Mohammad Reza Moini

Sound: Hosein Mahdavi, Mohammad Habibi

Set.: Saeid Asadi

Cast.: Leyla Zareh, Hassan Pourshirazi, Behname Tashakor, Sima Tirandaz, Roya Teymorian

Production: Mohammad Rasoulof

Pretty Pictures
33 rue du Faubourg 
Phone: +33(0)1 43 14 10 00

Year: 2010

35 mm, Color, 100 min, Persian with French Subtitles

In Iran today, a few months pregnant young lawyer gets her license to work taken away. She lives on her own since her journalist husband went underground. Tracked down by the authorities she feels as a stranger in her own country and she decides to flee. 
“What can a woman lawyer do when she is a few months pregnant and unable to work, and when her journalist husband is forced to live underground? Goodbye sumps up the oppression which freethinkers, intellectuals and artists are subjected to in Iran today. Through a combative woman’s development, the film shows the complex life of many women and men who are opposing Iran arbitrary power and who dearly pay for it”. Shahla Nahid.


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