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The Cicada and the Praying mantis

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La Mante religieuse

The Cicada and the Praying mantis
(Tang Ian bu chan)

by Hu Jinqing



La Mante religieuse

Director: Hu Jinqing

Animation: Ge Guiyun, Wang Ronhzhen

Cinematographer: Chai Lianfang

Music: Zhang Dong

Les Films du Paradoxe
Tel: 0033
Fax: 0033

Year: 1988

35 mm, Colour, 5 min, silent

An ancient proverb said: “The praying mantis chases the cicada without knowing that the bird is peeping it”.
A Liu Xiang’s writ who goes back to 2000 years, at the time of Emperor Han. It’s necessary to distrust! Its’ always possible to be prey of someone stronger.

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