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Journey to the Sun

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Aller vers le soleil

Journey to the Sun
(A Journey to the Sun)

by Yesim Ustaoglu



Aller vers le soleil

Director: Yesim Ustaoglu

Script: Yesim Ustaoglu

Cinematographer: Jacek Petrycki

Editor: Nicolas Gaster

Sound: Frédérick Helm, Christian Gotz

Music: Vlatko Stefanovski

Cast: Newro Baz, Nazmi Qirix, Mizgin Kapazan, Nigar Aktar, I. Bagcilar, Ara Guler

Production: IFR Production

55 rue Traversière
75012 Paris
Tel: 0033
Fax: 0033

Year: 1999

35 mm, Colour, 114 mn
OV Turkish with French Subtitles

Berlin Film Festival 1998

Mehmet has come to Istanbul in search of work. He meets Berzan, a Kurd hawker who sells cassettes. Because of his dark skin, people often mistake Mehmet for a Kurd, though he comes from the western coast. Mehmet shares dreams of future with Arzu, a young woman working at a dry-cleaner's. Berzan dreams of going back home in Zoduc, a small village at the Iraqi boarder, and meet his fiancee again. One day, while a routine police control takes place in a bus, Mehmet is unjustly arrested. When he comes out of jail one week later, his life has irreparably changed. He loses his job and his house. He has to face the harsh reality of life in Istanbul. His loyal friendship for Berzan makes him go beyond bureaucracy and undertake a trip through Turkey, towards east, towards the sun ...

Like the hero of her film, Yesim Ustaoglu is not Kurd, but she is among the first to have openly talked about the situation of the Kurd minority in Turkey.

"Journey to the Sun shows how the awareness of social realities in Turkey happens while crossing the country from west to east ".

To be born Kurd in Turkey, to be a minority...


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