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Hanoi - 12 days and nights

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Hanoi - 12 jours et nuits

Hanoi - 12 days and nights

(Hanoi - 12 ngay dem)

by Bui Dinh Hac


Hanoi - 12 jours et nuits

Diector: Bui Dinh Hac

Script: Thien Phuc, Ho Phuong, Huu Mai, Chu Lai, Hong Ngat

Cinematographer: Bui Trung Hai

Editing: Nguyen Ngoc Nga, Nguyen Viet Nga

Art Director: Nguyen Ngoc Tuan, Nguyen Hai Nghiem

Sound: Dang Dinh Hung, Le Quang Dao

Music: Do Hong Quan

Cast: Quoc Tuan, Hoang Nhat Mai, Xuan Tung, Chieu Xuan, Le Trung Cuong, Mai Thu Huyen, Eva Zvarova

Studio du film de fiction vietnamien
4 Thuy Khue
Hanoi Vietnam
Tel: +844.84.53.643
Fax: +844.82.35.480

Year: 2002

35 mm, Colour, 127 min
OV Vietnamese with English Subtitles
French Elctronic Subtitles

French Premiere

In December 1972, American terrible B52 bombed Hanoi during 12 days and 12 nights. The Vietnamese army and the people’s resistance forced the B52 to withdraw.

In Hanoi, 12 Days and 12 Nights, Bui Dinh Hac has mixed sequences of war and portraits of hero and anonymous fighters who defended Hanoi during the period called "Dien bien Phu of the air" : Dan Nhan the commandant of the battalion and his wife, a young teacher, a physician, a journalist, a pilot, a young soldier, all the inhabitants of Hanoi and the army.

This historical film wants to be the critical counterpart of the many western films dealing with the theme. The films clearly stands against war.


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