Our Twisted Hero

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Notre Héros défiguré

Our Tisted Hero

(Urideului ilgeuleojin yeongung)

by Park Chong-won

South Korea


Notre Héros défiguré

Director: Park Chong-won

Script : Park Chong-won, Chang Hyun-so after Yi Munyol's novel

Script: Chung Kwang-suk

Editor: Lee Kyung-ja

Music: Song Byung-jun

Cast: Hong Kyung-in, Ko Jung-il, Choe Min-sik, Lee Jin-sun

Production: Dae Dong Heung-up Film Co. Ltd

Year: 1992

35 mm, Colour, 119 min
OV Korean with French Subtitles


Young Audience Award - Laon Film Festival

Han Byung-tae is teaching in a private school. He remembers his own school days, thirty years ago, in the countryside. At that time, his father, a civil servant in Seoul, had just been posted in a rural area. As soon as he arrived, young Han had a clash with Um Suk-dae, the class prefect. The two children soon start fighting, until their relationship get back to normal and Han becomes a devoted subordinate. Kim Chong-won, a new teacher, teach the children equality, justice, truth, courage and democracy.

This is a story of the dreams, quarrels and friendship of a group of adolescents seen through their school days in the fifties-sixties, just before the Korean economical boom. Pak Chongwon has successfully portrayed the relationships of these adolescents with a very truthful social background.

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