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In the Mood for Love

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In the Mood for Love

In the Mood for Love

by Wong Kar-wai

Hong Kong


In the Mood for Love

Director: Wong Kar-wai

Script: Wong Kar-wai

Cinematographer: Christopher Doyle

Editor: W. Chang Suk-ping

Sound : Kuo Li-chi

Music: Michel Galasso, U. Shigeru

Cast: Maggie Cheung, Tony Leung, Rebecca Pan, Lai Chen, Siu Ping-lam

Production: Jet Tone films, Block 2 pictures Inc., Paradis Films

Ocean Films
6 rue des saussaies
75008 Paris
Tel: 0033

Year: 2000

35 mm, Colour, 108 min
OV Cantonese with French Subtitles

Best Actor - Cannes Film Festival 2000

Hong Kong, 1962. Chow Mo-wan, a journalist, has just rent a room in Mrs Koo’s flat. The same day, his new neighbour Li-zhen shifts in Mrs Suen’s flat. Li-zhen works as the secretary of M. Ho, the manager of a shipping company. Each of them settles without their spouse. Chow Mo-wan’s wife is working as a receptionist in a hotel, and Li-zhen ‘s husband, who works for a Japanese company, has to travel often. In Hong Kong stricken by the housing crisis, space is precious and one has to accommodate by sharing. Chow Mo-wan and Li-zhen often meet at each other’s room. Without realising how it started, they discover their spouse ‘s unfaithfulness. Both are shocked and start rehearsing how to tell them they know the truth, when they meet. Four years later, Chow Mo-wan is sent to Cambodia where General De Gaulle has come to Ankor. He remembers...

Wong Kar-wai does not show the unfaithful spouses. He beautifully masters direction supported by the presence of Maggie Cheung and Tony Leung, two stars of Hong Kong cinema, and by a haunting music. The sweet melancholy of this love story will leave marks in world cinema for a long time.


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