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by Rintaro





Director: Rintaro

Script: Katsuhiro Otomo adapted from Ozamu Tezuka's manga

Animation Director: Yasuhiro Nakura

Artistic Director: Schuichi Hirata

3D Effects Artistic Director: Tsuneo Maeda

Music: Toshiyuki Honda

Sound: Masafumi Mima

Production: Bandai Visual, Metropolis Committe

Columbia Tristar Films
131 avenue de Wagram
75017 Paris
Tel: 0033
Fax: 0033

Year: 2001

Screening: 2003

35 mm, Colour, 90 min
OV Japanese with French Subtitles

In Metropolis, everyone has a given place. In this huge city of future, humans and robots are living together in a strict environment. The gigantic Ziggurat skyscraper is about to be inaugurated, for the elite of society to live a golden life. The poor and the robots are condemned to living an underground life organised around a vast net in the guts of the city. While anti robots demonstrations are increasing, detective Shunsaku Ban and his assistant Kenichi are looking for Dr Laughton, a scientific rebel who has created Tina, a girl as well as a new generation robot. They find out that the scientist is under the protection of a powerful mysterious man. Besides, a group of humans belonging to the Malduk party, are attacking the robots, finding them far too present.

  • 01-vesoul-agglo
  • 02-vesoul
  • 03-bourgogne-franche-comte
  • 04-cnc
  • 05-hautesaone
  • 06-minsiterecultureweb
  • 07-academie
  • 08-Inalco
  • 10-consulatjaponstrasbourg
  • 11-sncf
  • 12-mobigo
  • 13-keolis
  • 14-mobilieteagglomeration
  • 15-vbus
  • 16-suzuki-logo
  • 17-SAHGEV-HD
  • 18-BKP
  • 18-OSPROD
  • 19-majestic
  • 20-jfmaillot
  • 21-schraag
  • 22-netizis
  • 24-mgenweb
  • 25-vignoblesguillaumeweb
  • 26-cora
  • 27-orange
  • 28-AMP
  • 29-ecran-noir
  • 30-cinealliance
  • 31-france3bourgognefranchecomt
  • 32-lapressedevesoul
  • 34-est-republicain
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