The Fate of Lee Khan

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L'Auberge du printemps

The Fate of Lee Khan

(Ying chun ge zhi Fengbo)

by King Hu

Hong Kong


L'Auberge du printemps

Director: King Hu

Script: Wang Chong, King Hu

Cinematographer: Chen Chaoyong

Music: Ku Jia Hui

Cast: Li Lihua, Angela Mao, Helen Ma, Tian Feng, Roy Chiao, Bai Ying, Hsu Feng

Production: Golden Harvest

Year: 1973

35 mm, Colour, 107 min
OV Mandarin with French Subtitles

We are in China in 1366. These are the last years of the Yuan Mongol dynasty founded hundred years before by Kubilai Khan, grand son of Genghis Khan, for whom Marco Polo had worked. Lead by the monk Chu Yuangchang, to later become the first emperor of the Ming dynasty, a part of the population is revolting against the Mongol oppressor. The provinces of Shantung, Shanxi and Hunan are ruled by Prince Lee Khan, a fine politician and an expert in martial arts. His sister, the dreadful Lee Wan Ehr, has managed to corrupt Chu Yuangchang's counsellor who promised her the plan of attack of the rebels. She will meet him at the grottoes of Shanxi. The prince and his suite had come to the Inn of Spring. Wan Jenmi, its owner, helped by four of her servants, comes to the rebels'aid. Will the all mighty Mongol prince emerge victorious from the rebels ?

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