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Effort for Love

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Effort for Love

Effort for Love

(Mengusahakan cinta)

by Ani Ema Susanti


Effort for Love

Director: Ani Ema Susanti

Cinematographer: Goen Guy Gunawan

Editor: Aline Jusria

Sound: D.K. Nelwan

PT Kalyana Shira Films
JC. Bunga Mawar No. 9
Cipete Selatan
Tel: +62.21.750.3223
Fax: +62.21.769.4318

Year: 2008

Beta SP, Colour, 28 min, 
OV Bahasa with English Subtitles
French Electronic Subtitles

French Premiere

Ruwati and Riantini, two migrant workers who work as domestic helper in Hong Kong, are well paid and become the important bread winner for the family in Java. From the outside, we see them as accomplished women. But, they are facing dilemmas in their love life. Ruwanti is about to go home to get married, but just found out she has a cervical tumour. The treatment requires internal examination that can damage her virginity. Riantini is a divorcee who fell in love with a fellow migrant worker in Hong Kong. In the midst of guilt and happiness, will both women be able to decide what is important in life and love?

Indonesian women are struggling to survive in a Moslem society here the women’s body is still regarded as the gate to sin.


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