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Seven Women

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7 femmes

7 Women

by Sara Rastegar

Iran, France


7 femmes

Director: Sara Rastegar

Cinematographer: Sara Rastegar

Editor: Sara Rastegar

Sound: Sara Rastegar

Play Film
14, rue du Moulin Joly
75011 Paris - France
Tel: 0033

Year: 2009

Beta SP, Colour, 57 min, 
OV Farsi with French Subtitles


Many Iranians had to leave their country after the Islamic Revolution. Sara Rastegar came to settle in France with her family. Thirty years later, she goes back to her native land. She travels all over Iran and meets women all quite different from each other who try to put up with a life they would perhaps not have chosen to live otherwise. The director portrays women coming from very varied backgrounds: the countryside such as weavers, matchmakers…, or the city such as pain ters, saleswomen….

“ I wanted to catch the complexity of people’s arrangements with their country’s daily reality For the time of a film, like the weaving of a colorful Persian carpet made of various words, facts and behaviors of women, we can see complex patterns appearing and revealing an ancestral art of living which keeps on fitting to its society’s realities.


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