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Tibet, Taipei

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Tibet, Taipei

Tibet, Taipei

by Wu Mi-sen



Tibet, Taipei

Director: Wu Mi-sen

Cinematographer: Jake Pollock

Editor: Chen Po-wen

Sound: Tu Duu-chih

Music: Mars Ma

Int'l Department
Public Television Service
6th F, No.100, Lane 75, Sect. 3
Kang Ning Rd., Taipei 114, Taiwan
Tel: +886.2.2630.1125
Fax: +886.2.2630.1895
GSM: +886.9.8268.72920

Year: 2009

Beat SP, Colour, 58 min, 
OV Mandarin with French Subtitles

International Premiere

One thousand years ago, a Tibetan prophecy said that when iron birds begin to fly in the sky and when iron horses gallop the land, the Tibetan people will scatter to all regions of the world, and Tibet Buddhism will spread to the country of the red-haired people. In 2006, the Qingzang Railway was completed and went into service. How about the trains? What are they like? Are they iron cages zigzagging on open land? What future do the trains signal? Tibetans have lived in exile for 50 years. This documentary provides a real and dramatic account of the Tibetans living in exile in India, the United States, and Taiwan. The first documentary to explore Tibet’s fate from a Taiwan perspective, this film also provides a reflection on the current situation of Taiwan.


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