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The Half-Naked Man

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The Half-Naked Man

The Half-Naked Man
(Nguoi o tran)

by Lan Phuong



The Half-Naked Man

Director: Lan Phuong

Cinematographer: Hoang Trong

Editor: Viet Long

Year : 2008

DVD, Colour, 26 min,
OV Vietnamese with English Subtitles
French Electronic Subtitles

International Premiere

For more than twenty year, Mr. Tran has been diving into the rivers around Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon). Initially, he used to sell coconut cookies. While rescuing sailors whose ship loaded with manioc was wrecked, he realized how many objects sunk in the waters were abundantly lying on the bottom of the Mekong delta. Ever since he specialized in the resale of these fished out objects, making it a rule to never fix any price. The client decides upon the price. He is highly appreciated by the delta inhabitants who know of his generosity towards the poor. He also specialized in rescuing the shipwrecked from the tumultuous muddy rivers of this part of Vietnam. Saving lives and raising ships is not so safe, however he never thought of another trade: being disabled, he feels better in water than on earth.


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