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The Kite Player

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Le Joueur de cerf-volant

The Kite Player

by Jean-Paul Mignot

Afghanistan, France


Le Joueur de cerf-volant

Director: Jean-Paul Mignot

Cinematographer: Erci Simard, Christophe Monterlos, Sophie Tesson, J.P. Mignot

Editor: L. Crotet Beudet

Sound: Eric Moutot

Production: France Télévision, Pôle France 3, Ligne de Front

Jean-Paul Mignot
11 rue René Fleutelot
21000 Dijon
GSM: 0033

Year: 2009

Beta SP, Colour, 52 min, French Version

Here is Nasser who lives in France, in a small city close to Dijon; Nasser the Afghan exile is now a Burgundian who masterly runs his kite business… Here is Nasser, the artist and businessman who tries to break records, to surpass himself as usual, to send his kites higher and higher and give his business even more earnings. Nasser runs, he flies from a dream to the next one, from a project to the next one, driven by an inexhaustible energy. The film implicitly reveals Nasser’s childhood and adolescence through his pulsating daily life, the magic of his shows, his encounters, his fights, his generosity, his business… a personal story diverted by history and the war, which is the key to understand his life today, understand what animates him, how he could survive and turn his suffering into life energy.


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