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La Rencontre



by Ömer Kavur



La Rencontre

Director: Ömer Kavur

Script: Ömer Kavur, Macit Koper

Cinematographer: Ali Utku

Editor: Mevlüt Koçak

Music: Tamer Ciray

Cast: Ugur Polat, Lale Mansur, Cetin Tekindor, Ismail Hacioglu, Aytac Arman, Ani Ipekkaya, Berrin Madenci, Kamuran Usluer, Necmettin Cobanoglu

Producers: Ömer Kavur, Janos Rozsa

Production: Alfa Film, Objektiv Film Studio

Year : 2003

35 mm, Colour, 127 min, 
OV Turkish with English Subtitles
French Electronic Subtitles


Sinan and Mahmut both having a cancer meet during their therapy sessions. Sinan, an architect, feels responsible for the death of his son in a motorbike accident. Mahmut who gets involved in murky situations, is haunted by a crime he committed in his youth; he wants to commit suicide. When Mahmut is murdered on an island, Sinan sets out for pieces of evidences. The first element is the photo of a young woman. Once he reaches the island, he falls in love with Asli who was abandoned by Mahmut when she was pregnant. Sinan sees his lost son Cem in Osman, the son of Mahmut and Asli. Hasan, the policeman in charge of the local security, is in love with Asli and suspects Sinan to be the murderer.


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