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A Journey to Gwan Shan

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A Journey to Gwan Shan

A Journey to Gwan Shan

(Gwan shan xing)

by Wen Yi



A Journey to Gwan Shan

Director: Wen Yi

Script: Wu Tieyi

Cast: Grace Chang, Wang Hao, Tang Jing, Wang Long, Chen Man-fu

Production: CMPC

Year: 1956

35 mm, B & W, 100 min, 
OV Mandarin
French Electronic Subtitles


With kind support of the Taipei Representative Office in France and GIO

In the middle of a storm, a bus is blocked by a rock which fell on the road. While waiting for rescue, the passengers go to the nearest village. Some invite themselves at a widow’s who dreams to go to the city, and others are welcomed by an old peasant and his grand-children. A young woman conductor tries to find help to clear the road, an old couple quarrels, a young attractive woman wants to change life, an old alcoholic doctor saves a life, a thief who escapes, a crook who cheats the widow, a young man in love feeling jealous, a handsome photographer… all these characters emerge and evolve during the film which draws the conclusion that the union of all is important for the construction of the country. This film with metaphoric patriotism is a coproduction with Hong Kong.


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