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Love Never Ceases

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Un amour ancien qui perdure

Love Never Ceases

(Jiu qing mia mia)

by Luo Hui-shao



Un amour ancien qui perdure

Director: Luo Hui-shao

Cast: Hong Yi-feng, Bai Rong, Tian Qing, Bai Peishan

Production: Yong Da Pictures

Year: 1962

35 mm, Colour, 95 min, 
OV Mandarin
French Electronic Subtitles


With kind support of the Taipei Representative Office in France and the GIO

Young teacher Hong Yi-Feng leaves Alishan when he is sent to a school in South Taiwan to teach music. As soon as he arrives, he meets Yueyun, a young betel nut farmer living with her alcoholic father. They fall in love but her father is opposed to their love affair as he intends to marry her with a rich businessman. Yi-Feng goes back to Alishan. Yue-yun decides to run away and join him. They happily live together and have a young daughter. Yet, the father who already took the money, picks up his daughter’s trail and comes to hand her over to the businessman in Taipei. Four years later, Yi-feng brings up his daughter Gui-zi who dreams to find her mother. Taking advantage of her nanny‘s trip to Tapei, she accompanies her but gets lost in the big city. While she wanders, her father comes to Taipei to find her and look for work. Ku Qing Mi Mi’s song turns him into a star. Thanks to this song Gui-zi finds her father, the nanny meets Yue-yun and the crooked businessman is arrested by the police. The family is reunited. This film shot on location was a very big success and started the trend of singers playing in films, as Hong Yi-feng here.


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