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Oyster Girl

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Oyster Girl

Oyster Girl

(Ke nu)

by Lee Hsing, Lee Chia



Oyster Girl

Director: Lee Hsing, Lee Chia

Script: Chao Chi-pin, Liu Chang-po

Cinematographer: Hua Hui-ying

Editor: Hung Min Chen

Sound: Ting Yueh Yeh

Music: Ming Tao Lu

Cast: Chen Ming-jiao, Chiang Pin, Ge Xiangting, Hsu Hsiao-hua, Hsu Yi-kung, Jin Chao-pai

Year: 1963

35 mm, Colour, 99 min, 
OV Mandarin with English Subtitles
Fench Electronic Subtitles


With kind support of the Taipei Representative Office in France and GIO

A-lan is a young oyster farmer living with her alcoholic father and her little brother. She is in love with a young fisherman, but her father disagrees with their marriage as the boy is too poor. After the young fisherman goes to sea to earn money, she realizes she is pregnant and decides to leave and hide to avoid a scandal. The delivery does not go well and A-lan is sent to hospital. Her lover comes back at the same time and mar ries her. The film is meant to show the “good policy” of the time with model authority figures such as the doctor or the scientist who improves the oysters’ quality and size, the transformation of the village which grows rich, and the “Free China” democracy with local elections.


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