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Yi Yi - A One and a Two

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Yi Yi

Yi Yi

by Edward Yang



Yi Yi

Director: Edward Yang

Script: Edward Yang

Cinematographer: Yang Weihan

Editor: Chen Bowen

Sound: Tu Duu-chih

Music: Peng Kaili

Cast: Wu Nianzhan, Issey Ogata, Elaine Jin, Kelly Lee, Jonathan Chang, Adrian Lin, Chang Yu-pang

Production: Pony Canyon, 1+2 Seisaku Linkai, Atom Films

155 rue du Fbg St Antoine
75011 Paris
Tel: 0033
Fax: 0033

Year: 2000

35 mm, Colour, 173 min, 
OV Mandarin with French Subtitles

Best Director - Cannes Film Festival 2000

Ni Jian is in his forties and lives inTaipei with his wife Min-Min and their two children Ting-Ting and Yang-Yang. At home as well as at work, Ni Jian is facing problems. When he meets his early girlfriend by chance, he feels like leaving everything to make a fresh start. Yet, his real problems start during his brother-in-law’s wedding, when he is told his mother-in-law has been hospitalised in a state of coma. When she is sent back home still in coma, everyone tries to bring her back to life. Min-Min, unable to bear such stress, finds refuge in meditation in a close by temple. Adolescent Ting-Ting feels guilty while at the same time she experiences her first love affair. Young boy Yang- Yang tries to catch ‘the other side of the truth’ with his camera.


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