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Murmur of Youth

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Murmures de la jeunesse

Murmur of Youth

(Mei li zai chang ge)

by Lin Cheng-sheng



Murmures de la jeunesse

Director: Lin Cheng-sheng

Script: Ko Su-ching, Lin Cheng-sheng

Cinematographer: Tsai Cheng-hui

Editor: Chen Hsiao-tung, Chen Li-yu

Sound: Hu Din-i

Music : Chang Hong-yee

Cast: René Liu, Tseng Jing, Tsai Chin-hsin, Lin Li-hsiu, Ah Pi-po, Lien Pi-tung

Production:  Central Motion Picture Corporation

Year: 1997

16 mm, Colour, 106 min, 
OV Mandarin with French Subtitles

Directors' Fortnight - Cannes Film Festival 1997


With kind support of the Taipei Representative Office in France & the GIO

Two young adolescent girls have the same name: Mei-li. They belong to very different backgrounds. One comes from a bourgeois family living in the modern part of Taipei. Though her parents are well off, they do not seem to be happy. The other Meil-li girl lives in an old house in the suburbs. Her parents are modest government employees who try their best to bring up their children, hoping to give them a better life. The first Meil-li has decided to put an end to her studies, while the latter Meil-li does small jobs. By chance they meet behind the cash desk of a cinema hall. Lin Cheng-shen has conceived his film as an “ode to youth”.


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