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Night and Fog

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Night and Fog

Night and Fog

(Tian shui wei di yeyu wu)

by Ann Hui

China, Hong Kong


Night and Fog

Director: Ann Hui

Script: Cheung King Wai

Cinematographer: Charlie Lam

Editor: Kong Chi Leung

Sound: Tu Duu Chih

Music: Charlotte Chan

Cast: Simon Yam, Wong Hiu Ling, Siu Lei, Lee Mei Yi, Lee Mei Heung, Wong Hiu Yuk, Wong Hiu Ying

Production : Class Limited
Wong Jing
Unit A & B, 31/F, EGL Tower
83 Hung To Road
Kwun Tong, Kowloon
Hong Kong
Tel: +852.2790.0381
Fax: +852.2314.7120

Year: 2009

35 mm, Colour, 122 min, 
OV Cantonese with Englis Subtitles
French Electronic Subtitles

Hong Kong & Busan Official Film Festival Selections

European Premiere

Wong Hiu Ling and her husband Lee Sum are not different from the other couples living in Tin Shui, a poor district in the north of Hong Kong: the wives come from mainland China, the husbands are usually old and unemployed, and the young wives always suspected of being unfaithful. The family supports itself through social welfare, but Hiu Ling is working as a waitress on the sly, which provokes repeated scenes of conflict with pathologically jealous Lee Sum. One day, Lee Sum throws Hiu Ling and the children out of their apartment. He probably only intends to assert his authority and scare them, but the entire scene is witnessed by their neighbour Mrs. Au. Outraged, she brings Hiu Ling to the local police station for help. The detective constable treats the situation as very serious, and guides the young woman to the social services where she is looked after and sent with her two daughters to a shelter for battered women. There, Hiu Ling gets friendly with Siu Lei who supports her with all her strength.

Ann Hui wants to show Hong Kong inhabitants’ daily life today, while at the same time she tackles the very universal issue of wife-battering.


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