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by Yedigué Bosylbaiev




Director: Yedigué Bosylbaiev

Script: Yedigué Bosylbaiev

Cinematographer: Marat Gouganov

Music: Kénat Salavatov

Production: TPO "Catarsis"

Year: 1990

35 mm, Colour, 90 min, 
OV Kazak with French Subtitles


Oultougan is a young woman living in village on the shore of the Aral Sea, which is bound to disappear. The monotonous pace of the village, the slow decline of its inhabitants -mainly men becoming alcoholic-, the rusted boats on the sand is the sad reality seen by Oultougan in her daily life, between the factory where she works and her home. She almost committed suicide because of her loneliness and this desolation, but when she met captain Maydan she fell in love with him and started to enjoy life again. Maydan stops drinking and leaves his young wife to live with Oultougan. Yet she now has to face a new suf fering. Man destroys nature, thus destroys himself!


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