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Karakum, 45 Degrees in the Shade

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Karakoum, 45° à l'ombre

Karakum, 45 Degrees in the Shades

(Karakumi, 45 v teni)

by Khojakuli Narliev



Karakoum, 45° à l'ombre

Director: Khojakuli Narliev

Script: K. Narliev

Cinematographer: Christopher Triandafilov

Art Director: A. Khodzhaniyaz

Sound: Y. Viagintseva

Music: R. Redzhepov

Cast: M.G. Aimedova, Ata Dovletov, Helena Drapeko, V. Krasnopovski, Kirill Lavrov, V. Marenkov, V. Medvedev, G. Tonouts

Production: Turkmenfilm

Arkéion Films
12, rue de Chartres
92200 Neuilly-sur-Seine
Tel: 0033
Fax: 0033

Year: 1982

35 mm, Colour, 95 min, 
OV Turkmen & Russian with French Subtitles


In the Karakum desert in Turkmenistan, a team is laying pipelines not far from a village. The engineer of this work is a woman born in the area. Her parents are still living there in a tent. One day, while work is progressing well, a powerful gas jet gushes out of the depth of earth. The pipeline workers try their best to control the fire. While speaking with her father, the young woman remembers a local legend where once an earthquake had overcome a fire. The only solution seems to cause a huge explosion…. When nature finds its own ways to fight men’s unlimited exploitation!


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