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About Water, People and yellow Cans

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Un monde dans eau ?

About Water, People and yellow Cans

(Über wasser)

by Udo Maurer



Un monde dans eau ?

Director: Udo Maurer

Original Idea: Ursula Sova, M. Glawogger

Cinematographer: Attila Boa, Udo Maurer

Editor: O. Neumann, Ilse Buchelt, Emily Artmann

Sound: Philippe Kohn, E. Braun

Music: Serge Tonnar

Production: Lotus Film, Samsa Film

ASC Distribution
52 rue de Montreuil
75011 Paris
Tel: 0033

Year: 2008

35 mm, Colour, 83 min, 
OV Germand and English with French Subtitles

In Bangladesh, the peasants living close to river Brahmaputra have to face the rise of waters at the time of monsoon. Water has pushed these men and women to become nomads. In Kazakhstan, the Aral Sea has lost half of its surface because of the policy of cotton fields’ irrigation. This ecological and humanitarian catastrophe has forced people to walk long distances to carry on living on fishing. In Kiberia, the biggest slum in Nairobi, Kenya, water has become a real trade. Some inhabitants have to walk several kilometers to collect this precious wealth which will supply their whole area. The director makes us become aware of various problems linked to water. From floods to the Aral Sea drying up, or daily struggles for drinking water, the film reveals the problems that man needs to over come to adapt to his environment.


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