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Blind Man's Bluff

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Blind Man's Bluff


by Ömer Kavur




Director: Ömer Kavur

Script: Ömer Kavur, Baris Pirhasan

Cinematographer: Orhan Oguz

Music: Neset Ruacan

Cast: Türkan Soray, Cihan Ünal, Sevda Ferdag, Aykut Sözeri

Producer: Ömer Kavur

Production: Alfa Film

Year: 1985

35 mm, Colour, 100 min, 
OV Turkish with English Subtitles
French Electronic Subtitles


Meral is a divorced mother living with her six-year-old daughter Elif. One day, Elif disappears. Despite all efforts to search for her, she in not found. Meral’s former husband and lawyer Turgay take part in the search. During their investigation, Meral and Turgay become clo ser. A love relationship starts between these two loners.


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