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Mrs. Nam

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Madame Khung

Madame Khung

(Chi nam Khung)

de Lai van Sinh



Madame Khung

Director: Lai Van Sinh

Srript: Nguyen Viet Nga

Cinematographer: Vuong Khanh Luong

Voice Over: Lai Van Sinh

Sound: Le Huy Nga

Production: Vietnam Documentary & Scientific Film Studio

35 mm, Colour, 20 min
OV Vietnamese with French Subtitles

Mrs Nam Khung has been fighting for South Vietnam from the age of 16 when she assisted the surgeon in a war hospital. After being injured by American bombs, she overcomes her paralysis with unfailing self-will. When the war is over, she dedicates her life to the search for the bodies of her fallen comrades. Tirelessly travelling trough the forests, she digs out the remains of buried soldiers and takes them home to give them a decent grave. A moving portrait of an exceptionally determined woman.


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