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Return to Ngu Thuy

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Retour à Nguy Thuy

Return to Ngu Thuy

(Tro ve nguy thuy)

by Le Manh Thich



Retour à Nguy Thuy

Directors: Le Manh Thich, Do Khanh Toan

Script: Lo Minh, Le Manh Thich

Cinematographer: Nguyen Thuoc

Voice Over: Le Minh Khue

Sound: Le Huy Hoa, Nguyen Bich Lien

Production: Vietnam Documentary & Scientific Film Studio

35 mm, Colour, 30 min
OV Vietnamese with French Subtitles

Thirty years ago, the thirty-seven gunner women from Nyu Thy destroyed five American war ships bombarding the Ho Chi Minh trail. The director, who had filmed these heroic young women then, has come back to the remote seaside village of Ngy Thy to show them the video of his film. In a parallel editing, he reminds us of this episode of the history of Vietnam and gives an account of the simple daily life lead by these women who still show solidarity, courage and whose questions interpellate us: « Now the war is over, so why are we still so poor ? »"


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