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Meta House

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Meta House

Meta House

Four short movies from the garment factories

by Mark Hammond, Nico Mesterham



Meta House

Directors: Mark Hammond, Nico Mesterham

Student participants: Sao Sopheak, Borei Sylyvann, Lim Seang Heng, Ream Chamrouen

Cinematographers: Lach Chantha, Marc Eberle, Pascal-Mario Geisler

Editor : Jean Mathis

Sound: Jan Mueller

Music: The Messenger Band

Production: META HOUSE

Year: 2010

DVD, Colour, 4 x 8 min, 
OV Khmer with English subtitles
French Electronic Subtitles

Cambodia’s garment industry is a major pillar of the country’s postwar economy. In 2007, garment factories employed more than 350,000 workers and generated exports worth around US$3.7 billion. Most factories produce for well known US and European brands including Gap, Adidas, Levis and H&M. In 2009 the global economic crisis has led to more than 70.000 workers being laid off. Most of them are young women from rural areas with limited education, who support an average of three to five family members. Through their remittances these women often crucially contribute to their family’s survival and to the education of their siblings. Migrating from rural areas to big cities they find themselves displaced from their origins.


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