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The Eagle Hunter's Son

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The Eagle Hunter's Son

(Die Stimme des Adlers)

by Renè Bo Hansen

Sweden, Germany



Director: Renè Bo Hansen

Script: Stefan Karisson, R.B. Hansen, Staffan Julén

Cinematographer: Dixie Schmiedle

Editing: Peter Prysgodda, André Alvares

Music: Sebastien Pille, S. Kaltschmidt

Cast: Bazarbai Matei, Serikbai Khulan, Mardan Matei, Asilbek Badelkhan

Production: Staffan Julén, Hannes Stromberg, Per Forsgren, Eden Films

Les Films du Préau
14 rue des Taillandiers
75011 Paris
Tel: 0033
Fax: 0033

Year: 2009

35 mm, Colour, 87 min, 
OV Mongolian with French Subtitles

Barzabai does not share the dreams of other young nomads of his age. He does not want to follow his father’s path, nor become a great golden eagle hunter. Anyway, he does not like golden eagles. His only wish is to leave the vast Mongolian plains and discover the effervescence of Oulan-Bator, the capital, along with his brother. When his father decides to send his elder son to the capital, Bazarbai feels betrayed. To cheer him up, his father takes him to the big Golden Eagle Fare, but the boy remains determined to secretly go and join his elder brother. Protected by an unexpected fellow traveler Bazarbai starts a long voyage through the snowy mountains. He will discover how the heritage of past, respect for nature, friendship and loyalty can turn someone stronger.


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