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Desire of Changhu

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Desire of Changhu

Desire of Changhu

(Changu de kewang)

by Jin Huaqing



Desire of Changhu

Director: Jin Huaqing

Cinematographers: Jin Huaqing, Lei Lai

Editor: Ni Yanqiang

Sound: Jin Huaqing

Production: Jin Huaqing, An Xiachen

Alex Yu
Mu Ying Culture Media Co. Ltd.

Year: 2010

DVD, Colour, 38 min, 
OV Mandarin with French Subtitles

International Premiere

As a natural barrier to the desert in Nortwest China, the Minqin oasis in Gansu Province may disappear in the coming years. Finally Badain jaran desert, Tengger Desert and Kumtag Desert will meet right here. The film tells a family's living condition in Changhu village in Mingin. It's a record of the confrontation and struggle between man and nature in the disappearing desert.


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