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by Lucile Garçon

Lebanon, France



Director: Lucile Garçon

Translation: Carla Haibi

Rami Zurayk, Lucile Garçon
Sadat Street, Hamra
Beirut, Lebanon
Tel: +961.37.33.227

Year: 2010

DVD, Colour, 23 min, 
OV Arabian with French Subtitles


Every year at springtime, the buses drive down the Euphrates valley towards the Lebanon border. Three consecutive years of draught have turned the Fertile Crescent’s heart hostile and sent many famished Syrians on the roads. Entire families cross the Anti-Lebanon mounts, men get employment on construction sites in Saïda or Beirut, women and children work in the fields under foremen and a boss who deducts a commission from their salaries. Some of these seasonal workers do not go back home at wintertime; they spend years under makeshift tents built with potatoes bags. Through their car windows tourists only see a charming ancestral nomadic life, but seen from inside, the camp reveals another form of archaism much less romantic and characteristic of modern fields.


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