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The Watchman

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Le Veilleur

The Watchman

by Céline Dréan

Cambodia, France


Le Veilleur

Director: Céline Dréan

Cinematographer: Guillaume Kozakiewiez

Editor: Denis Le Paven

Sound: Corinne Gigon, Sear Vissal

Music: Thomas Le Corre

Vivement Lundi !
11 rue Denis Papin
35000 Rennes
Tel: 0033
Fax: 0033

Year: 2010

DV CAM, Colour, 50 min, French Version


In a big Parisian hotel, the night watchman insatiably draws. For more than twenty years, Franco-Cambodian artist Sera has been inking the plates of his comic strips in the silence of the night. Exiled in France with a part of his family since the Khmer Red took Phnom Penh in 1975, he finds strength in his brush to recount his story. Here are his drawings, the studio and the shelter of his hotel. There are the sun, the memories and the questions. While words surface and memory takes shape, he still has to chase ghosts away, as for all the Cambodian people.
"Even if he left his country before the barbarity took place, he has inherited the Khmer tragedy. This history has moulded him, haunted him and he still fights today to recover all the outlines of a manhand led national identity." Céline Dréan


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