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Dancing in the Building

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Dancing in the Building

Dancing in the Building

by Kavich Neang



Dancing in the Building

Director: Kavich Neang

Script: Kavich Neang

Cinematographer: Kavich Neang

Editor: Kavich Neang

Sound: Kong Boran

Cast: Meng Sophearoth

Production: On Photography Cambodia & Studio Cambodian Living Arts

Year: 2009

DVD, Colour, 9 min, 
OV Khmer with French Subtitles

International Premiere

This documentary short film focuses on a group of Cambodian artists living together in a famous building from central Phnom Penh designed by architect Van Moni Vann in the sixties. Recently, the Cambodian authorities revealed that the place would be evacuated and the building demolished. This is an issue all the more sensitive that the residents cannot hope for any financial compensation.
"I made this documentary short film to talk of the Cambodian culture and of the people trying to pass it to the young generations."


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