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The People of Angkor

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Les Gens d'Angkor

The people of Angkor

by Rithy Panh



Les Gens d'Angkor

Director: Rithy Panh

Cinematographer: Prum Mésar

Editor: Marie-Christine Rougerie, Isabelle Roudy

Sound: Sear Vissal

Music: Marc Marder

Production: INA, ARTE France

4, av de l'Europe
94366 Bry-sur-Marne Cedex
Tel: 0033
Fax: 0033

Year: 2003

Beta SP, Colour, 95 min, 
OV Khmer with French Subtitles

In Siem Reap, on the restoration site of Ba Phuong, a team of workers assemble the scattered stones of ancient bas-reliefs. Gradually, the whole history of ancient Khmers surfaces under our eyes. A young street vendor wonders about his future. He dreams of becoming a guide but is too poor to go to school. A former peasant who became a construction worker feels cut off from his earth. Many other destinies intertwine and join to become a story, like the stones from past and present are mixed. A sense of humor helps to convey the anguish of daily survival, while the ancient art helps to find reasons for living.


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