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Too Young to Die

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Trop jeunes pour mourir

Too Young to Die

(Jukeodo joha)

by Park Jin-pyo

South Korea


Trop jeunes pour mourir

Director: Park Jin-pyo

Script: Lee Soo-mee

Cinematographer: Jung Yong-woo

Editing: Moon In-dae

Music: Park Ki-heon

Cast: Park Chi-gyu, Lee Sun-ye

Production: May Films

Zootrope Films
81 Bd de Clichy
75009 Paris
Tel: 0033
Fax: 0033

Year: 2002

35 mm, Colour, 67 min, 
OV Korean with French Subtitles

Critics' Week - Cannes Film Festival 2002

Seventy-two year old Chi-gyu and seventy-three-year-old Sun-ye have irresistibly fallen in love. They share everything, eating, sleeping, chattering and making love. For them the age of 70 is ideal to start a new life. They now feel too young to die. This film is based on a true story. The director who earlier made a documentary on the outstanding life of these two persons so deeply moving, decided to also turn their story into his debut feature film. “In this film, I tried to show how an absolute love can grow in the most unpredictable way at a time when life is supposed to end. Mr. Park and Mrs. Lee are very aged, but their love is youthful. Their body may have aged but their spirit has remained young. For them, sexuality is an essential part of their life and the most powerful expression of their existence… To live old has become a pleasant perspective for me and nothing is more wonderful than life.” Park Jin-pyo.


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