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by Royston Tan




Director: Royston Tan

Script: Royston Tan, Liam Yeo

Cinematographer: Lim Ching-leong

Editing: Low Hwee-ling

Sound: Justin Seah

Music: H. Riddim

Cast: Xiao Li Yuan, Kim Young-jun

Production: Zhao Wei Films

Tamasa Distribution
122 rue de la Boétie
75008 Paris
Tel: 0033
Fax: 0033

Year: 2006

35 mm, Colour, 93 min, 
OV South Korean & Mandarin with French Subtitles

Zhang Xiao Wu is about ten year old and he lives on his own in Singapore. His mother left him all alone when she went to Peking. She calls him from time to time. We know nothing about his father. The boy leads a monotonous and lonely life. He is unable to tie bonds neither at school nor in the clinic where he goes for regular check-ups. His only comfort is a meal with instant noodles. One day, his routine is broken with the arrival of Jung, a Korean man of thirty who settles in the flat as co-tenant. He works at night and goes to bed every morning at 4. 30. Despite their language barrier, the young boy tries to make his acquaintance. “Xiao’s life is the one of many Asian youth. There, one if forced to grow up and mature very fast. Very soon children are given money and a key, and they have to manage by themselves”. Roystan Tan How to grow up alone without the support of a family?.


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