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by Zhang Yang




Director: Zhang Yang

Script: Zhang Yang, Liu Fen Dou, Huo Xin, Diao Yi Nan, Cai Xiang Jun

Cinematographer: Zhang Jian

Editor: Yang Hong Yu

Sound: Lai Oi Zhan

Music: Ye Xiao Gang

Setting: Tian Meng

Cast: Zhu Xu, Pu Cunxin, Jiang Wu, He Zheng, Zhang Jin Hao, Lao Lin, Lao Wu

Production: Imar Film, Xian Film Studio

Pyramide Distribution
5 rue du Chevalier de St George
75008 Paris
Tel: 0033
Fax: 0033

Year: 2000

35 mm, Colour, 92 min, 
OV Mandarin with French Subtitles

Awarded in Toronto, San Sebastian, Thessaloniki, Rotterdam & Seattle

The “Quinghsui” is one of the last traditional public baths in Peking, run by old master Liu and his simple minded son Er Ming. The bath is an ancestral tradition in China with its codes and rituals. There, the whole society meets regularly. One can get all kinds of care, but other activities as well: one can play cards or cricket fights, on can drink tea but mainly one can gossip. It is a world out of time, far from the daily life’s troubles. It is a much lighter world where drama is chased away by laughers. This the way it is at Master Liu’s where the regular cus tomers are a band of comical characters. Master Liu feels tired and the premises are old. His second son Da Ming who left for south to do business, comes back to Peking. He is moved by his father’s courage despite his exhaustion and feels responsibility towards his brother. What will Da Mind decide when his father dies? His family life is shuttered when he needs to look after his elder brother who is not quite alike others.


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